Everything Will Be Okay is a film directed by Patrick Vollrath, Starring Simon Schwartz and Julia Pointner. This touching film has won many awards including the Audience Award at the Milan Film Festival in Italy, the Alberto Sanchez Special Award at the Huesca International Film Festival in Spain, Best Medium Length Film at the Max Ophüls Film Festival in Germany, the Medium Length Film Award at the First Steps Awards in Germany, the Best Director Award at Studio Hamburg Up-and-Coming Award, Best Fiction Short at the New Films Festival in Portugal, Best Actress and Best Film at the Manchester International Film Festival, Best International Film at the Portobello Film Festival in London, Best Short Film at the Yerevan International Film Festival in Armenia and many more.



A divorced father picks up his eight-year-old daughter Lea. It seems pretty much like every second weekend, but after a while Lea can’t help feeling that something isn’t right. So begins a fateful journey.

“Passionate and well written.  Remarkably executed and touching film that mesmerizes from the beginning to the end”

Michael (Simon Schwartz) a divorced father picking up his daughter, Lea (Julia Pointner) for the weekend.  From the beginning you sense something is going to happen by the way he behaves, from lunch to over indulging her shopping for toys, riding bumper cars all afternoon, you realize he is doing this to distract Lea but she picks up on intensity her father is portraying.  She’s extremely happy yet senses he is diverting attention from figuring out what he is really doing.

While the audience picks up the subtle undertones; his nervousness, a passport picture taken while taking silly photos from a photo booth, her cell phone hidden in her backpack, driving out of the city when she knows he isn’t supposed too and a strange appointment.  This will become a parental abduction.  Michael knows what he’s doing from the beginning, the audience grasp slightly later.  Lea, is torn and most affected becomes scared and insecure.

This movie is simple, no gimmicks or bells and whistles but is about acting without props.  What really draws you in is Julia Pointner and Simon Schwartz.  Their performances are quite intense with Julia stealing the scenes.  For an 8 year old she is extraordinary, quite good and has a natural ability.  I think we will see her for many years to come.

The plot – a divorced father trying to flee the country with his daughter seemingly a well thought out plan but quickly fate turns the tables and he runs out of time.  Oddly, in real life this happens all the time; parental abduction, he is not a bad guy just feels he has no other option to be with his daughter.  The situation is horrible but at the same time have compassion for him and this situation that turned life altering.

In the end you do empathize with the characters, they are well thought out and realistic.  You might not agree with Michael’s approach, but you do appreciate his love and need to have his daughter.  Even in the end Michael regrettably understands his mistakes and how he affected his daughter.  All too many times divorced fathers get shafted, they love and miss their children as much as mothers.  I felt that through Patrick’s movie and begs to wonder where this came from.


Interview with Patrick Vollrath

Who is Patrick Vollrath / Everything Will Be Okay (Alles wird gut)? I am just a young filmmaker from Austria, who recently graduated from film school. My classes from professor Michael Haneke were very inspiring, and really helped me shape my taste in film.

Can you tell our readers a little about the demands of being the creator of a film like this? When you make films as a film student, it’s always hard to raise money and also to find a great team to make such a film possible. My main character is very young and it was hard to find someone who is very talented at such a young age. I think it’s very important to have the right actors; therefore we have been casting for half a year to find the best actors for the roles.

Did you have any special training in the film industry? I worked as an editor before I started to study Film Directing. That, plus what I have learned at the film school in Vienna, has greatly helped me in making films.

What or who inspires your creativity?  Everything can inspire me, from other filmmakers and what’s happening in the world to just general life. I came up with the story of ‘Everything Will Be Okay’ by reading an article about a situation similar to what happened in the film.

Is anyone in your family besides you an artist?  I am actually the only one who works in an artistic field but my family has always been very supportive.

Favorite quotes, which inspired your career as an artist? Ehm, I think that would be Samuel Beckett: ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail better’.  When you make something, you will never make something perfect. There will always be something you won’t be entirely pleased with. Artists are never satisfied about their work. You have to try again and eventually it will get better.

What would you tell other artists about getting into the film industry? If you have this inner need, this urge to be part of the film world, you should go for it.

What’s next for Patrick Vollrath? I am working on my next feature film, which has been fund by the Austrian government. I have a couple of ideas I would like to work on as well; I am busy with some concepts for a TV series.

How do we find out more about Patrick Vollrath / Everything Will Be Okay (Alles wird gut)?  That’s simple; you can go to www.patrickvollrath.com where you will find more about the film and me.


Interview and Review by 3dotmag.com

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