Who is Larry Beers / Mucca Pazza? Larry Beers is a professional drummer from Chicago Illinois. I’ve been in over 15 bands in my nearly 29 years of living in Chicago. I’m currently in the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra, the Bad Examples, Anna Soltys & the Familiar, Bad Forum and Mucca Pazza, to name a few. Mucca Pazza is the most unique band in terms of style and approach. We’re 30 strong with Percussion, brass, woodwinds and stringed instruments. We mainly play our original material, we have cheerleaders and we also have marching band uniforms that do not match and it’s quite a spectacle. We will be heading out east on the third week of January 2015 to Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York City. We will be doing a podcast called tiny desk. We also have a new album that’s just come out called “LYA” ( inside theme of the band ).

When and why did you decide on being a drummer? I decided on being a drummer when I was a kid and I watched my uncle play drums, and thought it was the cats meow.

Who or what inspires your art / music? Life tends to inspire me to play drums/music. When I say life I guess it means my interaction with people and nature.

What’s your process when creating new music, beats…? My creative process is very interactive. It needs to be a “cause and effect” process. You don’t wanna do what’s already been done and you also don’t want to reinvent the wheel. It is a fine line to walk between being original and making it all about you.

Favorite artists which influenced your career, art…? I have a lot of favorite artists. When I think of drummers, I have my top list of Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Art Blakey, Jack DeJohnette and Peter Erskine. Then there’s Steve Gadd, John Bonham, Bernard Purdie, Jeff Porcarro, Ginger Baker, Jim Keltner and Steve Jordan to name a few.

How do you feel about all the social media used in today’s industry? My feelings of social media are that it’s overwhelmingly effective for the current and future generation of the music industry.

What are your fondest musical memories? One of my fondest memories musically was doing my first real recording date for an album with a band called Champaign on CBS Records. I was ready to be challenged and it was fun to step up and learn how to become a studio drummer. Recording is still my favorite face of the art form.

What’s the strangest thing to happen while performing? Well the strange things that happened to me on a gig was getting river water paddled in my eyes while I was playing snare drum in a canoe on the Chicago River with Mucca Pazza.

What tips would you give to artists and bands just starting out? Make sure that you’re doing it because you love doing it, because you want to do it.

What’s next for Larry Beers? Like I said earlier I’ll be going out east mucca pasta in the third week of January of 2015 after that I’ll be doing a couple of performances with Dan Navarro in Chicago, as well as other things I don’t even know about yet. Such is the life of a musician.

How do we find out more about Larry Beers and Mucca Pazza? You can find out more on larrybeers.com or Larry Beers drummer on Facebook

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