Who is José Antonio Rodríguez? I am self-taught and I works in two ways the imagination and the enthusiasm that I feel when creating. I have always drawn, it is my passion and makes me happy. To advance in my knowledge, I received drawing and painting classes at the Academy of Mariano Pintado Mateos (University professor and director of creative projects, Madrid) and Carlos Galván (Painter and Galerist, Toledo) My life changed completely the day I was fired from my Job, before this setback I had my drawing pens, I began to draw and to create all the time, my heart was excited doing what I liked so much, I dreamed of showing my work to the world. In 2008 I became known because my work was selected in the Spanish Cultural Center of Ibero-American Cooperation in Miami. Afterwards I have done many exhibitions in art galleries, cultural centers and national and international art fairs and my work has been published in art magazines in Spain and the USA.

What do you like most about art? When I go to see an exhibition I love to see the world through the artist’s eyes and imagine what we can not see, the story of that painting. The artist transmits his emotions, dreams, experiences or hidden thoughts and because all the works of art have a little mystery and fantasy. Sometimes the artist wants to represent a moment that is gone forever but keept it in his mind and that is one of the things I like most about art, it is wonderful.

What is your most unpleasant experience as an artist? To this day, luckily I have not had any experience of that type, ha ha ha.

What or who inspired you to be an artist? It inspires me to transmit my feelings and my emotions of what I experience in my life through drawing. I am inspired by those places where I usually spend my time, streets, train stations, a coffeehouse, restaurants and watching people in their daily lives. The life of the people in the city is very inspiring, the great city and its urban fauna. Madrid is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me, to observe the world around me that does not stop surprising.

What is your most embarrassing moment? I remember an exhibition of drawing and painting that was organized in my hometown with local artists and they invited me to come. On the day of the inauguration the person who is the authority of the people gave a small opening speech. When he finished talking he said: Jose Antonio do you want to say some words? Ohhhhh I felt so small … I think public speaking is one of the most embarrassing moments for me …

What do you dislike about the art world? Is a piece of paper crumpled in an exhibition hall a work of art? I do not think so, and I do not think many people will recognize it this way.

What is art and what is not art? It is a question that has been asked in many ways and no answer has yet been found.

What superpower would you like to have and why? The power to read the thought of who I want, so I would know what to expect!!!

What is the project of your dreams? My dream is that someday my works will be exhibited in a temporary exhibition of a Museum of Modern Art or that they may be part of the permanent exhibition. It would also be fantastic if my work were included in an art book.

Name three artists you like? Aron Wiesenfeld (USA) He is a figurative painter, his paintings are melancholy and are composed of figures that seem trapped or lost in overwhelming landscapes, empty and solitary, suggesting something that isn’t shown. He is quickly becoming a well-known artist. Tom Bagshaw (UK) His works are fantastic and mystical themes. Feminine beauty plays an important role in his work, but they are not fragile, they are strong characters, intriguing, with an air of mystery. They have a dark and macabre tone with peculiar and absurd details. Reuben Negron (USA) He explores sex, sexuality and identity as concepts. His works show the nature of sex beyond the sensationalist visions found in mainstream media.

What’s next for José Antonio Rodríguez? The next thing I have in mind is to collaborate with some Foundation or NGO of children with diseases, abused women or cancer patients. To make an exhibition and donate part of the sales, to make a sale or auction of some of my original works and donate the money.

How can we know more about you and your work?

website: www.joseantoniorodriguezdiaz.com

Fan Page Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoseARDPintor

Instagram: https://instagram.com/joseantoniorodriguezdiazartist/

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