Good Good Grief Pummels Port City … Arising from the ashes of several Wilmington, NC bands is The Good Good Grief (tGGG)… one of the Cape Fear area’s top punk/thrash acts and are building momentum with every performance. Guitarist Kyle Watts, Wilmington native and founding member with nearly 20 years in the musical trenches, has the determination and integrity to propel this band to the top of the punk rocking genre one venue at a time. With the resurgence of the area’s music scene now is the time to attack with all the artillery they can muster. The Watts platoon consists of some mighty soldiers… Nick Chikago on the mic, Jared Boyd on the kit, Skyler Randolph on the bass and their fearless captain, Kyle Watts, holding down the 6-string and backing vocal duties. Look out world… tGGG is poised and ready to leave their past endeavors behind with a foot on the throat of their competition. Recently supporting the world renowned heavy hitters Dillinger Escape Plan, Doyle (Misfits), John 5 (Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson), Strung Out, CKY and Sick of it All… the door has been opened and tGGG is set to bust through it and dominate.

On Friday night, July 28th, tGGG unleashed their beastly brand of punk on Wilmington’s legendary venue… The Blue-Eyed Muse. The historic building has undergone plenty of name changes over the years and the new owners are dead set on providing their customers with a refreshingly great experience with a variety of top-notch entertainment, personable staff and savvy bartenders serving up some cold brews and tasty mixed drinks… with a delightful bar banter to boot. “The Grievers”, their affectionately named followers, were perched and ready to listen to their mighty tunes. From the initial blast of the amps echoing Randolph’s 4-string thumps with Watt’s gritty licks and a deafening scream from Chikago… the big guns were blasting from the start in the tune “Eat Your Heart Out”. With some fast drum slaps from Boyd, tGGG wasted no time and stepped right into the patriotic track “Lords of Leather” which lead perfectly into my favorite tune, the haunting “Guns and Knives (and everything nice)”. This is a rather long song, measured by the usual punk standards, cashing out at a delicious 4 min and 20 sec. Complete with Watt’s ringing guitar riffs and chanting backing vocals…this righteous, slow-paced track slowly builds with an auspicious confession from Chikago, “I had a nightmare…” in this sick love song. The kick-snare, kick-snare, kick-snare, kick-snare breakneck pace of Boyd’s drumming took hold and this tune blasted off. The classic punk structured tune “Never Sleep Again” and the ghoulish “All the Damned Vampires” proved to be the perfect intro to the brand-spankin’ new, unreleased new track “This Is Hell”. Next on the set list was the hard truth-preaching anthem “One, Two, Many…” with a retro punk sound in the spotlight on the melting “Blue Screams” tune. The finale of their abbreviated set was their life-long dedication ode to the genre they clearly love… “Faster and Harder Than Death” with Chikago’s final lyric indicating their declaration on a reviving punk genre, “Got blood to spill, so take notes…class is in sessh !!!”…their efforts were met with thunderous approval. Their set was infectious, aggressive, genuine and pretentious… accompanied with chastising lyrics and masterfully simple riffs just as their punk predecessors intended it to be. They released a spectacular album last November entitled “Sounds Like a Nightmare” showcasing their familiar yet refreshing sound and is available at for your listening pleasure and purchase. The band also have some extremely cool merch…so, check’em out at the next show and help keep the local artists going strong. Check out our interview with Kyle Watts at

Review and photo by Rob Grissom for


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