Corrosion of Conformitys New Megalodon EP

Corrosion of Conformity’s New Megalodon EP… Five Tracks of Pure Hardcore Metal Perfection.

Corrosion of Conformity (COC) unleashed the skull-crushing monster Megalodon EP (Scion A/V) to re-ignite the hardcore feeding frenzy with the second 2012 studio release from the North Carolina metal masters. Nipping at the heels of their chart-topping February self-titled offering and the reissued 1984 debut album “Eye for an Eye“, their latest EP has some high standards to live up to…and it holds it own with any of the extensive COC compendium. Fittingly named for the prehistoric serrated-toothed monster shark, the Megalodon goes in for the kill early and never retreats. The slow, sludgey beginning of “Feed On” quickly turns to heavy mysterious chord progressions and a multi-paced tempo with the classic haunting squeals of Woody Weatherman’s scorching guitar solos. The second track, “Priest Brains”, fuels the start of the mosh pit with its fast and furious thrash grooves and pulsating bass and vocals from Mike Dean and the methodical drum beats of Reed Mullin. The hard-rocking title track, “The Megalodon”, begins to sink its teeth in with the Jurassic Park style stalking sound effects and Deliverance-era chord structure. Accompanied by the chugging, cut-throat guitar from Weatherman and the taunting tribal beats from Mullin and the catchy hook beckons us all to “Sing the song of the Megalodon”. “Strong Medicine Too Late” and the final track of “The Vulture” showcase the classic, back-to-basics thrash core signature COC sound. The heavy guitar chorus paired with aggressive riffs and subtle tempo changes round out this superb surprise offering from the Raleigh, NC trio of southern sludge, hardcore metal/thrash godfathers. The legendary and immortal John Custer has once again produced another hardcore masterpiece and seemingly assumes his majestic role as the maestro of the North Carolina music scene. As if the band hasn’t toured enough this year, they are back on the road with Zoroaster, Wilmington, NC’s own ASG, Royal Thunder, YOB, and Saviours… make sure to catch a live show when they come to your town. Check out the video premier for the first track “Feed On” at and Scion/AV is offering a free download of the new Megalodon EP at—Megalodon for a limited time and purchase the album at their events to support the local and worldwide legends that are…Corrosion of Conformity!!!

Written by Rob Grissom

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