Corrosion of Conformity Blasts Myrtle Beach … The highly anticipated return of Corrosion of Conformity (CoC), with Pepper Keenan taking the wheel, boasting a killer set as they made a stop at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, SC on January 27th and provided a small, yet super-sized treat off their tenth studio effort, “No Cross No Crown” (Nuclear Blast), with NC production legend John Custer. The LP has proven to be their best critical work in the band’s thirty year career… not only from their fans, but the highest charting album ever. Sporting the #4 positions on the Billboard “Tastemakers” and Hard Rock albums, #13 Top Album Sales and a #1 spot on the Independent album tallies for the week of the 27th … Congrats fellas!!! Take a well deserved bow!!!

The evening began with the sludgy, bass heavy “Bottom Feeder” instrumental track as the quartet slowly assumed their positions on stage and then CoC launched a sneak-attack with the crankin’ new track “Luddite”… and completely nailed it. The brand new tune was the only new one they performed this evening and left the fanatics salivating for more. A headlining tour is sure to be on the horizon… they must be waiting to deliver the goods at only a top-shelf level as nothing short will do. The standing room only crowd righteously approved the crushing blow from the new track as the guitars began the tune “Seven Days” from the 1995 “Deliverance”(Sony) album. The six-string melodies from Woody Weatherman and Pepper Keenan were as sharp as ever… and Pep’s vocals were just as gruffy and solid. The 1991 politically-charged classic,“Vote With a Bullet”, was slated next and after Keenan’s piercing scream the highly identifiable guitar progression began with Reed Mullin’s bombastic drum beats leading the way. Another stiff jab at the government and corrupt business tycoons from the 1996 stoner rock LP “Wiseblood”(Columbia), “Long Whip/Big America” takes a shot and hits big brother right between the eyes. After a brief recognition of the band’s buddy in attendance “Dixie” Dave from the sludgy doom bandits Weedeater… CoC ignites the crowd with the hard-partying anthem “Who’s Got the Fire” from the 2000 album “America’s Volume Dealer” (Sanctuary). A grateful surprise on the night’s set list, “Wiseblood”, was cranked-out with a shotgun start as the song title scream from Keenan marked his territory and Weatherman’s six-string soared as we were all transported back to 1996 once again. Mike Dean’s monster bass tracks were on point as Mullin’s bucket licks were as loud as thunder and the guitar trades between Pep and Woody were done with jaw-dropping precision. The cosmic-paced intro on the “13 Angels” track from “America’s Volume Dealer” was truly a breath-catcher as the quiet and menacing lyrical delivery from Keenan slowly transformed into a flat out rocker. The final four tunes of the evening were all pulled from the legendary LP “Deliverance”… the first being a heavier-than-the-record rendition of “Broken Man”, followed by a blistering trifecta of my favorite classic CoC tunes… “Senor Limpio” , “Albatross” and the extended version of “Clean My Wounds”…I couldn’t have imagined a better ending to an outstanding CoC return to the Low Country. The entire set was astonishing from start to finish and every raucous tune in between just reminded all in attendance who the kings of this genre really are… C-o-C!!! C-o-C!!! C-o-C!!! Fantastic gig, indeed. They will be continuing to support Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society through North America until February 27th before a few festivals in the States and embarking on a European music festival stint at the Download Festival in the UK, GrassPop in Belgium and Hellfest in France. It’s looking like some time will be available for a headlining tour from CoC… we can all hope can’t we?? An evening performing “No Cross No Crown” in it’s entirety would certainly be a helluva show wouldn’t it?? Song for song…riff for riff… cranium-crackin’ jams along with the instrumental tracks just as they appear on the album would be a hefty treat for all the die-hard fans. Keep an eye on ’em at and pick up their new album… If you haven’t already?? Check out our interview with founding member Mike Dean below…

Interview and review by Rob Grissom for


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