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Who is Shattered Sun? Shattered Sun has been gradually compiling the line-up needed to surpass the surface that defines today’s genre of metal. The core formation began with the three members who shared common history and contributions to the live music scene in their hometown. Guitarist, Daniel Trejo and drummer, Robert Garza bring song structure and arrangement to the basis of Shattered Sun’s sound, while lead vocalist, Marcos Leal is responsible for the song hooks you can’t ignore. Shattered Sun began moving forward by incorporating bassist, Joseph Guajardo to complete the rhythm section and keyboardist, Henry Garza to develop a more signature sound. The line-up was finalized with lead guitarist, Jessie Santos to fulfill their desired melodic, yet heavy sound.  In 2011, Shattered Sun went in to record their first EP “Confessions” with producer, Robert Beltran at Precision Studio, LLC in Corpus Christi, TX. Shattered Sun followed the recording with heavy support by joining national tours, along with their own, to bring recognition to the EP, as well as their name. Currently, Shattered Sun has returned to Precision Studio to record their debut full length album, “Hope Within Hatred”. Jessie Santos: We’re a metal band from Corpus Christi, TX. The band consists of Marcos, Daniel, Joseph, Robert, Henry and I’m Jessie. I have 4 chihuahuas.

Why the name Shattered Sun? Daniel Trejo: I was looking for a band name and unearth was my favorite band at the time. I was going through they’re song titles and liked the way shattered sun sounded. Jessie Santos: I joined the band not too long ago, about less than a year. I believe the band name derived from an Unearth song.

Who or what inspires the band and the music? Joseph Guajardo: I believe we inspire each other, and our hometown is almost what fuels our determination. This home of ours is almost formulated through oilfield work. We grew up seeing our friends, and family seep through the business almost grasping us towards it as well. Yet having a dream that one day being a successful musician pushed us away from it, it made us strive for we wanted not for what this town engulfs you into. Jessie Santos: This band has always been determined to take things to the next level. I believe what drives us is the fact that this is what we’ve wanted to make of ourselves since our teen years. And with all that’s been happening its just fuel to the fire. Daniel Trejo: What inspires us is a great riff that makes us work around that. 

What’s the band’s process when writing new music? Joseph Guajardo: For our upcoming album “hope within hatred”, the writing process was quite elongated. Daniel writes the riffs, then when we meet up for a jam session he shows rob and we go from there. For this album, we had our mindset on making it huge sounding. After most of the songs were written we sat down and had quite an ordeal restructuring them with our producer Robert Beltran.  Jessie Santos: Usually it’s Daniel and Robert who mold the “skeleton” of the song. They bring that to the table and we hash it out taking out parts, adding parts until we feel the song is complete. Daniel Trejo: I usually come up with riffs that flow together. Then show them to rob dawg and we get the vibe from there

How do you feel about all the technology used in today’s music industry? Jessie Santos: It’s just the times we live in. We have to adapt in order to survive. From a business standpoint it does make ‘making it’ in a band much more difficult. I’ve seen members of prominent bands in the metal scene leave their bands due to financial issues and such. It sucks because these are people you look up to. It certainly makes things intimidating but it won’t stop us from achieving our goals. 

What tips would you give to artists and bands just starting out? Joseph Guajardo: What tips would you give to artists and bands just starting out? Never limit your band, always take opportunities when presented, and never stop the hype. You just have to keep pushing through obstacles. Jessie Santos: Write good music, record yourself and your band playing that music, fix what needs to be fixed, don’t procrastinate, don’t be a dick, be and stay relevant in your local scene and region and never give up. The list goes on but you get the idea.

What’s the strangest thing to happen while on tour? Joseph Guajardo: In New Mexico it was around noonish, and it was us and an other band in the van. We were heading out to the next venue. I remember I was still trying to wake up, and almost everyone else was dozing off as well. We were on a two lane highway, and out of no where an 18 wheeler just starts honking at us. So everyone in the van suddenly wakes up, and is questioning what’s going on. This man in the truck just keeps honking and starts flipping us the finger so we start to drive faster to get out of the situation. He sped up and tried to side swipe us off the road, we immediately slowed down and pulled of to a gas station. It was quite a wake up call! Jessie Santos: I’ve been on previous ‘mini tours’ in other projects. All I have to say is avoid strip clubs in Scottsdale. 

What do you think about selfies and social media? Joseph Guajardo: With American culture “selfies” has gotten quite popular. Social media is great! Ten years ago you couldn’t get a crowd like you’d able to now. If the music is there all it takes is some mass media. Jessie Santos: People like taking pictures of themselves. As far as social media its a great tool to get your band out there but never forget actual, physical promotion is the best of tools to get known. 

Cake or Pie and why? Jessie Santos: Pie. That shouldn’t even be a question. 

What’s next for Shattered Sun? Jessie Santos: Great things. 2014 will be a great year not only for Shattered Sun but myself as well. Joseph Guajardo: Striving towards getting onto a label is our next step on the agenda. From there we plan on touring, and hopefully expanding our fan base! 

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